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    Q: Do I have to develop on the Dev environment?
    A: No. Developers can create PageBuilder wireframes and widgets on their local PC check them into source control and have their system admin move them to the to the Dev and Authoring server as part of their project change management process. Once in the CAP environment they can be used to create pages.

    Q: If I work on my local PC or on the Dev server can I create content and move it to production?
    A: Ektron recommends that all local and Dev content be used for testing purposes only. You may eSync backwards to the Dev environment to use production content during testing. However, the Dev environment is strictly for testing templates, widgets and CMS configurations.

    Q: Can I do all of my development and content creation outside of the CAP environment?
    A: Although it’s possible to do content creation outside of the CAP environment, Ektron recommends that all content creation be done inside the CAP authoring environment


    Q: If I’m working on my local PC how to I deploy my widgets, templates and Pagebuilder wireframes?
    A: All source files for your site/project should be checked into the Mercurial source control server. As an example fightingHunger code would be checked into Projects/fightinghunger. All lead agency developers have the right to create new repositories as well as to update the IIS folder of their site’s Dev an Authoring instances. As part of the provisioning process the eSync relation is setup for all of the sites environment. For information on the eSync flow from Authoring to QA and Production review the Environment overview PPT. If an template eSync profile doesn’t exist or it doesn’t include the files you want to sync review the Ektron reference manual’s section on eSync and templates for details on how to setup a profile.


    Q: Where can I get a copy of the CAP starter site?
    A: The latest version of the CAP Starter site can be found on the Mercurial respository server under Ektron-> CAP Toolkit -> StarterSite.


    Q: Where can I get a copy for the same Ektron CMS400 version CAP is using and do I need my own license?
    A: CMS400.NET Version 8.5SP1 can be download from CAP mercurial instance with the Walmart min-site which includes all of the core CAP feature and tools. Instruction on how to install CMS400.NET and the Walmart min-site can be found in the Ektron Environment Guide (EEG). CMS400.NET ships with a builtin developer’s license that allows for one person to connect to the Ektron site via localhost. To use the builtin developer's license just select next when prompted to enter a license key. The core version of Ektron does not come with any CAP tools. A copy of the CAP Toolkit can be download from Mercurial source control


    Q: Where is the documentation on CMS400.NET?
    A: The CAP toolkit has a list of recommended Ektron and CAP related documentation which includes links to Ektron CMS400.NET Production documentation There is also a development community to post questions and an Ektron Code Exchange where developer and Ektron Partners post source for a multitude of widgets.

    Q: Will my (SharePoint) credentials give me access to the Walmart CAP servers?
    A: To directly access the Walmart server using RDP you need your SharePoint credential in addition to a VPN credential and membership in a group with RDP rights.


    Q: Does Ektron work in Azure?
    A: Yes Ektron 8.5 CTP1 does support Azure. For more details see the Azure documentation under Toolkit documents -> Technical Resource -> Azure.


    Q: Can I have V8.5 and V8.5 CTP1 (Azure) on the same machine
    A: No. Ektron 8.5 CTP1 replaces all of the core CMS files with Azure optimized versions. Because of this it is recommended that you remove any current version of Ektron that you have on your machine prior to installing V8.5 CTP1 (Azure).

    Q: How do I request a VPN account?
    A: Since most agencies have opted to setup site-to-site VPN between their offices and Rackspace a VPN account may not be needed. Please follow up with your project manager to determine if you need a VPN account. For a new account request have your agency Project Manager submit a SharePoint task to the CAP Product Manger (Acting CPM Christy James / Bill Nitto) requesting a VPN account. The request should include your CAP SharePoint user ID and email address.

    Q: I want to do work outside of Ektron and still use Azure. Where can I find out about Azure SQL?
    A: Microsoft's offer a good deal of information on Azure and Cloud Best Practice. As a starting point the following KB is useful


    Q: How do I find out which servers I can RDP to?
    A: The Environment Overview document list all of servers, their environments, and their IPs. For a list of which roles have RDP access to each environment please see CAP Roles and Access Matrix. Note: You must be in the Walmart CAP environment to connect to a server using RDP.


    Q: Are there any coding examples for the commonly used Ektron APIs?
    A: Yes. A full list of coding examples can be found at


    Q:Where can I download the CAP ISN start site?
    A: It can be downloaded from


    Q: What Third party integration points does Ektron have?
    A: Ektron offers multiple 3rd party integration for analytic, CRMs, Payment Gateways and Cloud Storage/Caching. For a full listing of all of the Ektron feature and integration Partners please see the following links: